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~Dreaming Life~

29 May 1984
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First of all, I wanna thank nikosakura for making me this beautiful profile O^^O.

Ok, and What about me? Well I love japanese music o^^o, my favorites groups are: Garnet Crow, Maaya Sakamoto, KOKIA, Arai Akino, Anna Tsuchiya, Oliva Lufkin, DAI, Monkey Majik, Origa, YUI, Utada Hikaru, Loveholic, RumaniaMontevideo, TommyFebruary6...etc, yep, I really do like all these and more^^.

I like anime and manga, if you ask which anime, well...right now I'm a NANA fan o^^o, but I also like Fushigi Yuuhi, Ayashi no ceres, Noir, of course Fruits Basket, One Piece, Lain, Parakiss, Host Club, Macross Plus, Clamp Campus Detectives.

And if we are talking about manga: Kiss from Matsumoto Tomo and all his works o^^o, also Love Celeb, Love Allergy, Kimi wa petto, Fruits Basket, NANA, CLAMP works of course^^.

Nana Day mAgIc Dreaming Life

I like to play tennis, read, go out with my friends, drink cold cappuccino, write a lot of elves stories with a friend, love autumn and the snow, Japan o^^o.

And what you are gonna find mostly in this LJ? Jejejejejejeje guess again^.^, a lot of Quizzes and maybe some thoughts, bust mostly quizzes o^^o.

*profile by nikosakura*
escribir, etc., furuba, k-pop, medio hacer wallapers, mi lindo demian, mi lindo grisha, mi lindo kamir, mi lindo safin, música rusa, nana, por supuesto j-pop, tennis, y mis lindos muchachitos